Friday, April 29, 2011


 stands for Brrrrrrrrr.........
Everybody meet my new study buddy...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Relationship 4 Cs?

If you are wondering, 4Cs do not refer to Cash, Credit Card, Car and Condominium. They are about something, hear me out...*serious face*

WARNING: Verbal diarrhea ahead

After being around for almost a quarter of a century, I found that different people have different interpretation for love and relationship.  I guess everyone has their own unique way of defining and showing what they really mean. No right or wrong. If it works for you and your partner - it is the right way.

To me, the essence of love and relationship is the commitment between two people. I have always believed that if you loved enough, cared enough, you would do anything to make things work. Be it if it requires you to change or compromise in some ways. It doesn't mean you are no longer yourself, but a new you that fits right in with your partner's life, personality and needs. 

Commitment also comes with a promise. A promise that no matter what happens, good or bad, we will still have each other and everything will still be fine. This is a promise that gives people hope and confidence even though the future seems uncertain. Once decided that both are here to stay, everything else will just fall into place with a little pinch of long hour talks, discussions, fights and compromise.  

To me, fighting/disagreeing with each other is just part of being together. We can fight as much as we want, disagree with anything and everything if we must, but the most important thing is, we remain intact at the end of the bumpy road. As long as we stay within the boundaries of respect and moderation and are not fighting over the same things again and again, but making progress and see good changes within each other, who is to say that fights/disagreements are bad? The important thing is we forgive, forget and we move on, hand in hand. 

Commitment, communication, compromise and change. Any one of these missing, I seriously doubt a relationship would work. So as to a start of a promising relationship, besides having the right chemistry on your first date, having the right guy who is willing to invest his time and emotions into all four Cs are equally important.

At this moment, all I can say is I am envious. Envious of all  the loving couples that have found their best friend. Someone that they can count on to be there for better or for worse. This I find, is the most difficult and precious thing to have. 

I guess timing too plays a major part in this whole cupid business. You can be as ready as you can be, throw in as much effort, time and love as you want, but if your partner doesn't feel the same, well, you are screwed. If he/she is not willing to make an effort to make things work, I guess there is only one solution - Bubye!

You can agree or disagree with my mumbo jumbo, but this is my take on the whole thing. If you have a different view on this,  by all means talk to me, make me understand. This is what relationship is all about anyway.

Time to go back to my series studies...hopefully more for you to read next time!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Whenever I feel trapped...
Whenever I feel the pain is unbearable...
Whenever I feel that life is meaningless...

At least I know my tears will take the pain away...even it is only temporary...

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm so broke its not even funny...

The only funny thing is my account balance