Monday, November 30, 2009

Fuck my life...

It’s been almost two weeks now since I got back but it feels like it’s been only a week or so. No wonder my wallet is almost dry now -.- Die la…just counted how much I spent and it is really shocking. I have to start using my brain when buying stuff and kick off all the impulses. Is it just me or is everything in Penang has become so expensive? What happened to the RM2 for a bowl of noodles? I am so poor now..who wants to donate?

I went and got a haircut. My fringe is frigging SHORT AGAIN FML FML FML! I did not say anything about wanting my fringe short when communicating what I wanted to do with my hair. Upon finishing styling my hair the hair stylist asked if I would like my fringe short so it would go nicer with my hair style. Without thinking I replied ‘ Ah ya do whatever you want la!’ That was when FML happened. SHIT LA!!!! Now I look like a ‘soh doi!!!’ How?????? Lucky I did not listen to Bird and Bok lo. They sumo wanted my fringe to be shorter. Thank god I didn’t listen. If not FML X 2 I can go jiak sai d.

The next day after my hair cut or was it before I went for facial. 9 months without doing a single facial is very devastating. This means there is a lot of shit in my pores so the facial session is going to be agonizing which came out to be so true. My face was sore and red and painful for the next few days. Sumo got new pimples popped out the second day I reached Penang! SIGH!!!

I went out to meet my friends with a super ugly haircut and a face full of pimples and red wounds from post facial (don’t worry the wounds will heal). How la like this? Friends sumo asked if I was okay why my face so chan FML!!!! Sumo commented on my hair cut FML X 3!!!

Okay too much FML I am gonna stop saying that now. You know what is so amazing? I thought my dad would forever think I am too young to do anything that is why I used to be a Cinderella (or still is?) I had to reach home by midnight the latest! I don’t know what got into him or he finally figured out that I am actually lao pok pok (old) enough and he stopped demanding me to be home at a specific time!! This is like such a surprise to me! I got home around 1am almost every night and he didn’t say anything!?? I think this is just temporary if I keep this habit my dad is gonna wallop me one day -.- I have to play good girl for a few days and show my face in the house before he gets mad…>.< Sumo when I told him friends are picking me up he would still ask the usual question ‘ boy or girl?’ This time I just said what is wrong if it’s a boy? Then he just smiled. LOL OMG finally I feel like a grown up! My dad used to be very strict so I was always reluctant to tell if I was going out with a boy but FML la now I only go out with girls (dai lou don't count la) my dad only starts to be open minded about this??!!!-.- Abit too late in my who wants to date me? =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Clip! is a new clip for your eyes.


p/s: Don't scold me after watching!!-.-

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am Back!

It feels great to be home again. I feel safe, feel relaxed, feel excited! Ahh the mixed emotions...

The only thing I hate about coming back is - I hate flying. 7 hours of sitting is not funny. At the end of the journey my butt was soar and numbed. I was trapped in that small space for hours and hours...oh my poor long legs...HAHAHA wtf

I spent most of my time on board sleeping, reading and watching movies. Ah you know what was so amazing? I was reading The Time Traveller's Wife before watching movies on the in-flight entertainment. While looking through what was good I came across The Time Traveller's Wife the movie and then it was showing the part where I just read about! What a coincidence right?
Then again, I feel it was nicer reading the book so I just skipped the movie and watched Ice Age III and The Ugly Truth instead. Both movies were so funny I actually laughed out loud until the guai lou beside looked at me wtf. So embarassing. >.<

The only thing I look forward to while flying is meal time...hehe

They served two meals on was lunch and one was snack. The air steward had to wake me up twice for the two meals LOL...yes la i eat then sleep then eat again then sleep again I am a pig I know that thank you very much...

Now here is the cheese + cracker thingy i was talking about...

I am so lucky everytime i fly I always get seated beside windows without requesting...=p

I couldn't be more excited when I landed in Penang air port. I told my parents Gen would pick me up and they didn't have to come. But while waiting for my luggage i got a call from daddy saying he and mum are waiting at the arrival hall! Sooo surprised okay!!Daddy helped me with my luggage and insisted me and Gen went ahead with our plan which was to have dinner together while he and mom went home.  I have the best parents ever! I am loved!!!!!!! =p don't jealous okay wtf wtf

After that it was Hello Koay Teow Basah!!
First drink after touched down was ice Milo. Sedapnya!!! We have the best ice milo ever. Yumm...

and my all time favourite! Koay Teow Basah!!

I had two plates in a roll and it was sooooo satisfying!!
What a great start eh!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One more day to go...

and I will be back to Penang...Woohoo!!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't started packing. I mean packing is easy right? I do it last minute all the time. Lucky me I always managed to pack everything I wanted without leaving anything behind.
Mmm...wait a minute....Pui!! Pui!! Pui!! I better not say that later I die die forget to pack something important wtf. It's jinx you know >.<

Gahh I got this from Tiffany. It's my belated birthday present <3

She is so thoughtful she remembered me saying I don't have purple eye shadow while we went shopping so she got me this palette. Love it a lot. I tried it on yesterday but I forgot to snap a picture of it (my make up skill sucks anyway so nevermind).

I have no idea how long I am gonna be away for. Haven't really decided the date to come back. I am surely gonna miss my princess.
Got her some snacks and bones while I am away.

Oh i haven't told you about MM's new makeover yah? Here goes.
This is a picture of MM when the weather was still nice and cool. She is biting on a denta bone can you see?

Hehe she is so cute! (She is growling now cause she saw her own photo on the computer screen lol)

and now that the weather has turned to super hot and humid.
MM looks like this now!

I had to cut her fur super short near botak to keep her cool. Don't want her to get too hot in the summer. She looks like a boy now with her low barking voice. =)

Talking about the weather, it is going to be 41celsius on Wednesday. HOLY COW want hot die people meh!! Lucky I am leaving on Wednesday!! HOHOHOHO!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I miss my HomeTown

As the weather in Adelaide starts getting hotter and hotter each day, I can't help but to miss Penang more and more.

The weather feels so much like Malaysia - HOT! Suddenly all the memories and feelings came back to life. I miss everything there is in Penang, my family and friends, shopping malls, the good old times and how can I forget the FOOD!!

I guess that explains my crave for Penang food lately.

However, everything sold here are not quite the original. They taste slightly or a lot different from what we have in Penang, but it will do for now to cure my cravings. =)

I really can't wait to go home.

Talking about hot weather, thank god I have air conditioning. But of course I can't switch it on for too long. It would cost a fortune god damn it.

Have to find something else to keep myself cool.

Say a love shaped ice =)

in a glass of coke! ah!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Love for Crackers!!

I can't remember how I came up with this idea of eating crackers. I don't even know if other people do it too. Anyhow, if you do not know already here goes my not so healthy way of eating cracker.

First of all you have to have this Hup Seng brand cream crackers. I love this brand the crackers taste so nice even just by eating it alone (thank god they have it in Australia). It is kinda tasteless if you eat only 1 piece. You have to eat 2 or 3 crackers straight to taste the yummy-ness. Serious. I bet most people from Malaysia know this already its no secret >.<

The second thing you need is condensed milk. LOL I know what is it with me and condensed milk. It was in my previous blog that I eat strawberries with condensed milk too. You have to trust me it taste absolutely delish! must try!

Then just spread it all over your cracker like peanut butter on bread.

Then you are basically ready to munch. It is so convenient and it taste very yum. Don't put too much if you don't like super sweet. For me I love it just a thin layer on top. Gah my mouth drooling already*slurp* This is a super fast way to cure an itchy mouth and its super cheap too!

Another way of having the Hup Seng cracker is to eat it with Milo. Typical Malaysian style. My favourite way to eat is to make a cup of hot Milo and throw in the broken up pieces of crackers. Stop and wait say for one minute. The cracker will then turn all soft and tissue-in-water-like that just means its good to eat. hehehehe I know it sounds disgusting but I love it that way. =)

Now the western style of eating crackers is no secret recipe. It is basically eating crackers with dips just like how you see it in guai lou's movies.

I saw it on a show yesterday and it started my craving for crackers with dips so i ended going to coles at 1.30am. Lucky coles is practically just outside my house I am kidding that is not true but still I have to cure my craving if not I would not be able to sleep!!

So i selected these two crackers for no particular reason they just looked healthy and cheap. Cheap probably weighs more when I was deciding I know I am calculative that is what accounting students do. We count! LOL okay shut up

I selected my dips that had the Guacamole dip. You have to try this its very nice!

The last part is just grabbing your cracker, dip it into the dips and eat. How easy is that. I think the guai lous make their own dips when they have parties or something. I still remember my ex housemate from America made this really nice Guacamole dip and we had it with Nachos it was awesome.

Another way I learned from the Aussies is they love to eat crackers with cheese. They cut a small cube of cheese and eat it with the cracker. Photo stolen from the net >.< The first time I tried this I didn't really like it but now I've got the hang of it and it taste quite nice actually.

Now you go try!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Sleeping Beuty

Okay I admit. I seriously can't wait till the new internet cycle starts. It is just killing me. I hate waiting. Hmph...

Just so you know...I tried making my own video clip cause I was way too bored!!! and this is the end result!!! I am sooooooo excited!

If you love puppies, I think you'll enjoy this. I think. Cause I get all high and excited when I see cute puppies and dogs for that matter. Hope you like it =)

Let me know what you think of it.

Pweety Pweese!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Need. Internet. Quota.

5GB left for next week. Do you think I can survive? Yes? No?

I regret now why I didn't stop watching movies from PPStream. It takes up so much of my internet quota. Damn!

Can't update. No more posting up pictures too. sob sob

Bahhhh till then, will update soon when the cycle restarts next week.

Have a great week ahead =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beware of Bored Girls...

From what I can observe, I think it is safe to say that majority of Girls Go Shopping When They Are Bored!

The formula is easy.

Bored + Girls = Shopping + Blindly

After completion of the exam, and it suck big balls if i might just add, I feel like I have lost the reason for living wtf. Suddenly I have so much free time but I have nothing to do and I don't want to be doing nothing!!! Mm actually I have stuff to do but I just don't feel like doing serious stuff after the awful exam you un me??!!

So what happened was me going out shopping and then feeling guilty for spending afterwards. Why do I always do this to myself??!! It's like a drug so addictive yet expensive at the same time. Gosh I think people should be more aware of this issue and set up a Quit hotline and rehab services for Shopaholics wtf.

To make things worse, there are Christmas sales EVERYWHERE! SALES SALES SALES!!! How can i resist?? Its like the other day when i went shopping, the word 50-70% OFF excites me already even before entering into the shop! Its like a cursed thing you know. Usually when you see signs like this they make you feel all high and excited and suddenly your brain stops functioning rationally.

Lucky me the things inside the shop were mostly hideous. In circumstances like this I couldn't help but to thank god there were no cheap + pretty bargains. LOL Well actually I did get one Alladin pants and skirt from the store. HAHAHA Die die also wanna get cause 70% off wtf

I super love this nail polish. It was on sale too.

Super like the color. Pink Pink with shimmers! Love!

Okay la no more photos of my purchase. Henry was just saying why girls like to showoff the stuff they bought by showing pictures on the net. I defended by saying 'NOOO Its cause girls like to share okay???!!!!' HAHAHA To be honest I don't know why myself. It's like when I see people posting their purchases online some obviously gave me the impression of showing off but some were just happy to share their best buys. This is what girls do okay!!! Its like if i know there is a sale somewhere I will broadcast it to all my girlfriends wtf

Since no photos of my happy purchases...I shall post photos of me and my precious MM!!! =P

Finally one looking at the camera. She totally looks like a white teddy bear!!!! Awwwwww + my hand cacat-ed!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night!!

How was your Halloween celebration??!!!? Was it good???!!! Did you go with a costume??!!!!

Gahhh...Mine was good i think. It actually turned out to be no different than any other clubbing nights.  I didn't go with a costume because of  lack of varieties for selection. Plus its hard to get a nice costume without showing too much skin. I don't have the assets to show off laaaa wtf

Nana suggested we go without make up and that would be our costume. And scare the hell out of people with our natural face HAHAHA

Went to Red Square on Halloween. The club had shit loads of people. We waited in line for more than an hour before getting into the club. That part of the night sucked. What did we do in such situation?
We entertained ourselves. =)

by doing stupid expressions liddat!

and liddat!

and laughed with my mouth wide open and get it caught on camera wtf Sumo half face -.- I shouldn't have said anything liddat people wont recognise it was me. I am very girly 100% won't laugh like that. Who was that??!!!

Snap photos for loving couple. Next time have to charge both of you LOL

and a photo for the virgin boy. It was his first time clubbing! We were all so excited of stripping his virginity off him LOL

a photo of the party queen who got tipsy even before entering...

and a photo of Yohei asking Yuhei (I  know they have similar names but they are not brothers. I checked) if any vege got stuck in his teeth. Yuhei showing a tumbs up indicating 'Yea you are good to go'! hahaha no la actually that was not it...they were just talking and Yohei happned to have that expression LOL

and of course a photo of us three...

All these photos were taken OUTSIDE of the club. Took a few inside but they were all too ugly to be shown. I seriously need to work on my angle...need to see which angle looks best wtf I always take ugly photos oh god please help me...haiz...i am not photogenic at all...

Halloween in Adelaide was okay if not good. Not everyone dressed up but still a good portion of people did. No picture of those who did dress up cause I was too thin skin to take photos plus was scared I might get punch in the nose as if my nose not big enough -.-
Got home late and hug my baby the first thing I opened the door. Love it when she always greets me in excitement.

Look at her cute face!! Awwww...This photo tells you that its time for bed. *Yawwwnnnnnnn*