Monday, November 30, 2009

Fuck my life...

It’s been almost two weeks now since I got back but it feels like it’s been only a week or so. No wonder my wallet is almost dry now -.- Die la…just counted how much I spent and it is really shocking. I have to start using my brain when buying stuff and kick off all the impulses. Is it just me or is everything in Penang has become so expensive? What happened to the RM2 for a bowl of noodles? I am so poor now..who wants to donate?

I went and got a haircut. My fringe is frigging SHORT AGAIN FML FML FML! I did not say anything about wanting my fringe short when communicating what I wanted to do with my hair. Upon finishing styling my hair the hair stylist asked if I would like my fringe short so it would go nicer with my hair style. Without thinking I replied ‘ Ah ya do whatever you want la!’ That was when FML happened. SHIT LA!!!! Now I look like a ‘soh doi!!!’ How?????? Lucky I did not listen to Bird and Bok lo. They sumo wanted my fringe to be shorter. Thank god I didn’t listen. If not FML X 2 I can go jiak sai d.

The next day after my hair cut or was it before I went for facial. 9 months without doing a single facial is very devastating. This means there is a lot of shit in my pores so the facial session is going to be agonizing which came out to be so true. My face was sore and red and painful for the next few days. Sumo got new pimples popped out the second day I reached Penang! SIGH!!!

I went out to meet my friends with a super ugly haircut and a face full of pimples and red wounds from post facial (don’t worry the wounds will heal). How la like this? Friends sumo asked if I was okay why my face so chan FML!!!! Sumo commented on my hair cut FML X 3!!!

Okay too much FML I am gonna stop saying that now. You know what is so amazing? I thought my dad would forever think I am too young to do anything that is why I used to be a Cinderella (or still is?) I had to reach home by midnight the latest! I don’t know what got into him or he finally figured out that I am actually lao pok pok (old) enough and he stopped demanding me to be home at a specific time!! This is like such a surprise to me! I got home around 1am almost every night and he didn’t say anything!?? I think this is just temporary if I keep this habit my dad is gonna wallop me one day -.- I have to play good girl for a few days and show my face in the house before he gets mad…>.< Sumo when I told him friends are picking me up he would still ask the usual question ‘ boy or girl?’ This time I just said what is wrong if it’s a boy? Then he just smiled. LOL OMG finally I feel like a grown up! My dad used to be very strict so I was always reluctant to tell if I was going out with a boy but FML la now I only go out with girls (dai lou don't count la) my dad only starts to be open minded about this??!!!-.- Abit too late in my who wants to date me? =)

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