Saturday, November 14, 2009

I miss my HomeTown

As the weather in Adelaide starts getting hotter and hotter each day, I can't help but to miss Penang more and more.

The weather feels so much like Malaysia - HOT! Suddenly all the memories and feelings came back to life. I miss everything there is in Penang, my family and friends, shopping malls, the good old times and how can I forget the FOOD!!

I guess that explains my crave for Penang food lately.

However, everything sold here are not quite the original. They taste slightly or a lot different from what we have in Penang, but it will do for now to cure my cravings. =)

I really can't wait to go home.

Talking about hot weather, thank god I have air conditioning. But of course I can't switch it on for too long. It would cost a fortune god damn it.

Have to find something else to keep myself cool.

Say a love shaped ice =)

in a glass of coke! ah!


ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said... ar..for d coke..
but d ice are soooo cute...heart's shape..=D
n oso d hokkiean mee...-.-"
when u go back to pg? lolz
i will be at pg la..23th of nov to 3rd of dec...=D

tickledpinkpig said...

haha i cute...I'll be back on nov 18...lets meet up when you are back!

ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

yes...! hahaha call u tat time...=D
c yea..