Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho~Ho~Ho and Gong Hei Fatt Choi~~

My first ever Christmas Tree!!
Had a great time shopping for the tree and ornaments. 
Had even more fun putting up the tree and decorating it! 
Next year shall put presents under the tree toooo =D

My Christmas like breakfast! 

At the core of extreme narcissism, here's a photo of me in fake snow wtf

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! While I'm at it, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TOO!!

Gonna take a hiatus from blogging, so I'll see ya guys next year hey! =)

Happy Holidays and Stay safe!! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Malaysian Chinese Dumplings?

Learnt to make Chinese dumplings on the weekend. Don't they look awesome?

Before you say anything nice, FYI, I didn't make those. 

Here is my version.
Shape of a curry puff wtf AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Hard core Malaysian~!!! Woohoo!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crab Meat Linguine

My favorite pasta in the whole wide world!!!!
Tried out this really awesome Italian Restaurant in Macao and guess what? I HAVE THEIR CRAB MEAT LINGUINE RECIPE!!!!!!

I present to you
Crab Meat Linguine by Chef Pig!






I know what you're thinking 
FINE mine looks a little more like fried noodle than pasta wtf
but my version tastes freaking awesome too!!!!! *die die have to support myself* wtf lololol

Got fresh crab and peeled the meat off one by one! <-- Self control man!
Added scallops too!

and because I am such a good friend, here's the recipe =D

100g king prawns
60g crab meat
30g sliced shallot
5g chopped garlic
10ml white wine
pinch of salt
1g chilli flakes
40ml clam juice
3g basil julienne
30ml olive oil
125g linguine

Serves: 1

1. Bring some water to the boil. Add pinch of salt and linguine and cook until al dente.
2. In a separate frying pan, saute king prawn in 20ml olive oil and keep aside.
3. Add the garlic and shallots to the frying pan and cook gently until glazed.
4. Add white wine and chilli flakes and reduce sauce by half.
5.Then add clam juice, crab meat and king prawn. Cook for an extra minute.
6. Toss the linguine in the sauce. Add basil julienne and the remaining olive oil and season to taste.

An idea for Christmas dinner! Enjoy~! =)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Man I hate flies

It's summer!!!
 Say hello to HOT WEATHER and FLIESsssssss!

Instead of staying away, aussie flies love humans. They would deliberately fly into your face, nose, ears, mouth, eyes, EVERYWHERE! They are either stupid or they need glasses if you ask me -___-
I know what I want for Christmas - A fly zapper!
*Zap Zap Zap* Die you little shits!!!!! DIE!!!!
I can't wait to go home where flies are more intelligent wtf

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I did last weekend

I think I'm addicted to cooking. Whipped up a feast with a couple of friends. Every bite was a total bliss....

I made cocktails too!
Margarita and lychee martini!
I need to work on the lychee martini recipe. It's tooooo strong till i had to add coke,the only non alcoholic drink I had, and it turned into a shitty brownish color wtf Total fail! Lucky the taste wasn't toooo bad.
FYI Margarita was a success! *peace sign*

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

License to Pat

Put too much soya sauce in my half boiled eggs. Karma for being greedy wtf 

Can you believe I actually googled what it means when people pat your head? For some reason I get pat on the head a lot. Like a lot for my age wtf I’m freaking 25 years old and still get pat on the head like I’m 5. Should I be flattered or insulted?  I’m confused.

For example, today, manager was explaining something to me and in the midst of all her speed talking I got lost. I had a stupid look on my face with my mouth opened big big. She kept on going and stopped after she realised my stupid face. She asked if I’m following and I just blurted a long loud ‘HAHHHH???’. She then laughed and patted my head wtf which after I blurted ‘OHHHHHHHH!!’ because I finally got what she meant wtf =.= 

Another recent example, the other day in the club a really tall and did I mention cute guy *wink wink*was dancing beside me and accidentally bumped into me. He turned around apologized and gee guess what he patted me on my head wtf =.= His friend later came over and ask if he (tall dude) could dance with me lol lol lol which of course I declined because I could tell he was so much younger than me. He’s only 21!!! I got patted on the head by a 21 yo!!!!!!!! The funniest part was after I told him I’m 25, his face became o.O and very slowly made his way back to his friends HAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAH. His sooooo adorable. If only he was a few years older LOL Eh hem…*cough cough* eh wait..I shouldn't be so happy...he musta thought I was old lah that's why he silently left wth lol lol lol

So, why do I get pat on the head so often that I think it's weird? Could it be because I act like a big baby so people treat me like one? I get all excited when people call me baby HAHAHHA Even though I try to act all mature and professional at work but I bet everyone could tell I’m just faking it wtf Or even with my friends I always get treated like a kid. I get timeout or spank on the wrist if i'm naughty wtf. Whatever it is, I don’t mind getting the occasional patting on the head as long as it doesn’t mess up my hair AND ONLY IF reason for patting is because I’m cute/awesome wtf  I seriously don’t think I look cute or  young enough to be patted on the head. So does that mean people do it because i look retarded? If you had the slightest nod or said yes….......

I. Keel. You 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Awesome like Kungfu Panda

Blog profile.

Even my blog title says ‘A little pink pig’s journey in pursuit of happiness’.

They were written when I first started blogging/ 3-4 years ago? I think my obsession is pretty obvious isn't it >.<

Last year I mentioned I was on a journey to make myself a more lovable person. I always believed I have to love myself first in order for other people to love me. Truth was I wasn't happy with myself, I wasn't happy with how I was as a person. I wasn't happy with everything that was in my life and those feelings went on for years and years.  It wasn't because my life sucked, but now I realised it was because I overlooked everything.

Finally, after all those searching, learning and growing…I can confidently say I found what I was looking for.

I can finally say with my chin high and a big smile 


*cough cough* *slap wrist* for cursing wtf

I am not drunk just so you know and this is not a temporary high or anything. This is for REAL!!!

Right now, I am happy with where I am. There is absolutely nothing I would change and nothing I would ask for. I have everything I need and even more. I wouldn't exchange it for the world. As for me as a person, I am finally comfortable with myself and I am happy with who I have become. Proud even!  I'm not perfect but at least I have a good heart lol lol lol *humility down the drain wtf* Joking lahhhhhh. Don't so serious!

Lastly, nothing best express my awesomeness like my wifi

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Masak Masak

Masak masak is a Malay term children use when they play cooking game. I used to love that game and I was always the 'mum' who cooked for everyone. I know. Hard to believe wtf
Who would have thought the grown up version of me hardly cooks now *guilty*

Cooking is such a tedious process. So much trouble for one meal -  kill me. Go give mama a hug if you have home cooked food everyday. You're eating her heart and sweat wtf *i'm jealous*

Anyways, I still enjoy cooking once in awhile. Especially when I have someone to do it with. 
Good things are meant to be shared which include grocery shopping (involves carrying heavy items wtf) and the washing up at the end =P

 and it's even better when I get to indulge my yummy food in front of the TV. It's HK series btw hehehe

Attempted seafood this time. Live marrons!!
The lady told us to put them into the freezer for an hour. It will sort of put them to sleep so they won't feel pain when we kill it. When we took them out of the fridge and wash them under water, omg they started moving wtf We were freaking out and kept saying 'I'm so sorry' 'I'm so sorry' while sticking a knife through their head wtf I was so chicken I hid under the bench top because I didn't want the marrons to see my face wtf If they ever wanted revenge it wasn't me I was only the accomplice wtfwtf
and oh we got salmon too thank god it's already dead and sliced properly 

Our awesome yet guilty meal

I remember saying 'I don't know if I'm able to eat the marrons after witnessing their death'
and I also said 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm this is soooooooooooo soooooooooo yummy!!!!!' while peeling the meat off the shell and putting it in my mouth wtf
Don't give me that look. If you tasted the marrons I bet you would say the same thing!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

I ma so Happeh~


Guess what, a security guy at the casino in Singapore said I LOOK VERY YOUNG and he checked my passport when I was exiting the casino. I repeat! WHEN I WAS EXITING THE CASINO!!! The other security guy already checked when I first enter and this AWESOME security guy seriously thought I was underage wtf and checked my passport again LOL LOL LOL
He made me so happeh~~~bahahahhaaaa

Tip: If you're planning a trip to Macao and thinking to stay at The Venetian, DON'T! The place is full of gamble ghost and people smoking INDOORS. I nearly died!! I reco you go for Four Seasons Hotel! It's nicer, quieter, cleaner and posh-er! and it's just right beside Venetian. Both hotels are connected!

Hong Kong!!
It's my third time there and I am still so in love with the place, putting aside the fact that the air was pretty much toxic wtf We were consider lucky if we saw blue sky!

and I almost kissed Andy Lau LOL

Walau eh this trip I went to so many casinos but I didn't even gamble. Not even once!!! Other than winning a bet I made with bunny that is HAHAHAHA Next time I shall make a point to play at least one game, just for fun! =D

I realise there's something wrong with my blog layout. 
I can't be bothered now I am just too lazy! Nemind it can wait! 
Till next time..gdniteeeeee! xoxo

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have finally decided to officially admit that swearing is NO GOOD! As you may already know, I swear when I talk (just for the sake of adding that spice to my sentences), I swear when I write (wtf wtf), I swear when I’m happy, I swear when I joke, I swear even more when I’m angry, and surprisingly I shut up when I’m sad. So yes, I am no girly girl wtf

This habit has been with me for *gasp* more than 13 years so I basically grew up cursing everyone who crosses my path. I blame my brothers and friends for it *still in denial =.=* Throughout my life I have had many people asking me to stop but I never saw it as something I really needed to do. It came to a point where friends called me Beethoven which reads 背多分in mandarin. All because they thought I look good from behind, nil points once I turn around and then points go negative when words start coming out of my mouth wtf wtf wtf.

A few months back I decided that it was time to start making changes in my life because I wasn’t happy with how things were. I had all my grand plans, things I want changed and achieved, all in my head. So one day, out of nowhere I had this bright idea, an idea that made bunny ROFL. I told him that from now on I will eat my fries without ketchup, egg without soya sauce and salad without dressing. In plain English, it means I will no longer add flowery words to my sentences, I will stop swearing or I will die trying wtf I was joking about the fries and soya sauce by the way.

Under the new regime, I started replacing wtf with wtt short for What the Tut, F Off with Tut off, arsehole with bum hole, shit with poo, bull crap with cow dung and so on. So when I speak, naturally the sound Tut will be my replacement and I make sure I prolonged it so it sounds exactly like the ones on tv. It annoys the hell out of bunny which makes the whole process so much more fun.

Even though I had the occasional slip ups where I was sent to the naughty corner to reflect, I must say I thought I was doing pretty well. I was so self conscious that I did not need people to remind me anymore *nose up high with big grin* and now nasty words don’t even come to mind even when I’m angry! No credit is to be given to anybody especially bunny because he was still cursing left right centre even though I was trying to stop! I blame everybody who cursed in front of me for my relapse wtf.

To be honest, I don’t see a problem with the occasional curse words here and there thus all the wtfs appearing in my writing again YAY!! Very rarely do i use curse words on people, only in situations where people really push all my wrong buttons and drive me up the wall. I think as long as people don’t get offended by my harmless nonsense then everything is good! Right? If FML is the best expression to use, so be it….I will say it with pride and joy wtf. Actually no, I'm not proud of this but I think I should just be who I choose to be. So yeah, the pig swears, big deal! After all we only live once, so stop being so uptight and relax man!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Time Machine

started blogging when I was in uni. That was when I still had plenty of time to kill. Blogging was so much more fun when friends were still active on the blogsphere. After awhile everyone just stopped and the pig became the last one standing.

Writing was never something I master. I was never good at it. But I guess the need for me to express myself has made me so thick skinned that I'm voluntarily stripping myself butt naked (pun intended) on a public platform showing off my crappy English writing,  killing my already very low self esteem and whatever intelligence people thought I had all at once. I admire my courage sometimes *slowly pulling trigger to end embarrassment*.

My blog has always been my sanctuary, a place for me to take refuge.  It allows me to express myself, say things I can't/don't normally say in person, or reveal this side of me which only people who reads my blog will get to know. It keeps me sane, it keeps me human. 

I was reading my old blog (not this one). I caught myself laughing out loud at my lame jokes (I honestly think I was quite funny LOL)  and crying when I got to sad posts. It's amazing how I can still feel how I felt then, which was many years ago. It felt like it was just yesterday when it all happened, still so fresh and clear in my head. Those words and pictures were my life, my memories. They remind me of who I was at that stage of my life. They helped relive those moments again.Tracing back my footsteps made me realise how far I have come and how much I have grown over the years.

Everything is so different now. I don't have the privilege of spending hours writing a post anymore. After work each day the last thing I want is to face the computer trying to come up with interesting things to say. Gone were the days where I spent most of my free time snapping, arranging and patiently uploading photos and putting them into words. Maybe I'm more focused on living life at the moment, not so much on documenting it anymore. Or maybe I've just gotten lazier.

Blogging has always been just for my own pleasure but I'm glad some of you are interested enough to visit my blog from time to time to see what nonsense I have come up with. It does help keep that blogging momentum of mine going. So thank you for reading.
Till my writing mojo picks up again, I hope you have a good weekend~! =)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Getaway to Bali

The 25 mark has finally come. YAY!! 

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually feeling quite good about it! 
I can feel all the positive energy channeling into me right now LOL just kidding
I think 25 is a good age! and I will try my best to make the most of it! 
Let's see what sort of other troubles I get myself into this year =D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

猫咪 Mao Mi

Friends always find it funny I call my baby dog Mao Mi. They think it's odd because she is obviously a dog. But hey, calling her Mao Mi comes so naturally and she seems to like it too 
If I ever have a cat, his/her name would definitely be Gou Gou 狗狗
Don't worry I'm not messing with their brain. I'm sure they won't know the difference =P

Monday, October 3, 2011


I found love in the garden! =)

Friday, September 30, 2011







Sunday, September 25, 2011


看了YouTube 上的评论让我对这首歌有了另一种领悟。

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Housewife WIP

First cooking session in two years 
Pumpkin Something Something 
Stir fried greens 
Curry chicken
Chicken meat balls and sweet corn soup with mushrooms
Made all those without any help if I may emphasize =D
Was a bit nervous with the rice..thank god it was the right amount of water LOL

WIP = work in progress

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

祝大家中秋节快乐 !

开心的像个大小孩一样 *害羞*



今年中秋过得好开心。。希望你的中秋也和我一样 =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Red balls

Princess's new toy...
For some stupid reason I feel like I miss her even though she is just right beside me.
I can't stop squeezing and cuddling my little white fluff...

Monday, September 5, 2011

All Time Fav Movie. Brunch. Supper?

This movie has officially become my favorite movie EVER!
It is not just a comedy or having special relationship with a friend. To me, it's about something deeper. I'm soooo in love with the Mila Kunis character. She is funny, sexy and she believes in fairy tales and happy ever cool is that??? 
The movie is really special to me for a number of special reasons. Before you get any sick ideas, I do not agree with the whole friend with 'benefit' thingy okay! Just for the record!
But seriously, watch it! It is funny as hell  plus you get to see JT's naked butt O.O Sorry if they censored in Malaysia =P

Woke up for brunch on a Saturday morning after a really late Friday night...
All the colorful macaroons to choose from. I picked lavender and lemon and lime for the bunny. 

 The menu itself was enough to make me excited!!
As per the wise Yoda, 'You order with your eyes and not your brain or tummy.' 
As soon as I saw they had savory and sweet crepes, I decided I had to try both! Didn't care if they were super huge. Didn't care if I could finish em off. I just assumed bunny would help me out hohoho
I was a happy and sleepy pig at the end of the brunch *yawwwnn*

Blurry face and puffy eyes for brunch >.<

Tequila and card games night. Loser drink!
I only had one drink the whole night. 
Who's the champion? ME!!
This proves the high forehead is not just for show.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jap Jap Jap

Konbanwa! Ogenki desu ka? 

Had massive cravings for Japanese food...
 Beef tataki, wagyu beef and soft shell crab..oh so yummy!

Tried out tepanyaki jap jap jap-anese restaurant! 
Oh so pricey..but oh so worth the experience

Because the chef MADE FIRE!!
and because he was cute too lol lol lol 

The night ended with him writing Thank You on the flat grill up side down (from where he was standing!)
 + my oh so fav green tea ice cream ♥♥ 

Tea shopping and look what I found? 
I am paranoid with the word geisha now wtf no thanks to you know who you are!!!! *squinty eyes*

First photo: How's this for a geisha look wtf

Last photo: Normal face just in case
and yah..i was bored!