Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I did last weekend

I think I'm addicted to cooking. Whipped up a feast with a couple of friends. Every bite was a total bliss....

I made cocktails too!
Margarita and lychee martini!
I need to work on the lychee martini recipe. It's tooooo strong till i had to add coke,the only non alcoholic drink I had, and it turned into a shitty brownish color wtf Total fail! Lucky the taste wasn't toooo bad.
FYI Margarita was a success! *peace sign*

1 comment:

4165 said...

i m only interest with the chicken wings (saliva droping....tik tik tik)
when i read bout margarita..i feel drunk...oh gosh..i cant even listen to alcohol name