Tuesday, November 29, 2011

License to Pat

Put too much soya sauce in my half boiled eggs. Karma for being greedy wtf 

Can you believe I actually googled what it means when people pat your head? For some reason I get pat on the head a lot. Like a lot for my age wtf I’m freaking 25 years old and still get pat on the head like I’m 5. Should I be flattered or insulted?  I’m confused.

For example, today, manager was explaining something to me and in the midst of all her speed talking I got lost. I had a stupid look on my face with my mouth opened big big. She kept on going and stopped after she realised my stupid face. She asked if I’m following and I just blurted a long loud ‘HAHHHH???’. She then laughed and patted my head wtf which after I blurted ‘OHHHHHHHH!!’ because I finally got what she meant wtf =.= 

Another recent example, the other day in the club a really tall and did I mention cute guy *wink wink*was dancing beside me and accidentally bumped into me. He turned around apologized and gee guess what he patted me on my head wtf =.= His friend later came over and ask if he (tall dude) could dance with me lol lol lol which of course I declined because I could tell he was so much younger than me. He’s only 21!!! I got patted on the head by a 21 yo!!!!!!!! The funniest part was after I told him I’m 25, his face became o.O and very slowly made his way back to his friends HAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAH. His sooooo adorable. If only he was a few years older LOL Eh hem…*cough cough* eh wait..I shouldn't be so happy...he musta thought I was old lah that's why he silently left wth lol lol lol

So, why do I get pat on the head so often that I think it's weird? Could it be because I act like a big baby so people treat me like one? I get all excited when people call me baby HAHAHHA Even though I try to act all mature and professional at work but I bet everyone could tell I’m just faking it wtf Or even with my friends I always get treated like a kid. I get timeout or spank on the wrist if i'm naughty wtf. Whatever it is, I don’t mind getting the occasional patting on the head as long as it doesn’t mess up my hair AND ONLY IF reason for patting is because I’m cute/awesome wtf  I seriously don’t think I look cute or  young enough to be patted on the head. So does that mean people do it because i look retarded? If you had the slightest nod or said yes….......

I. Keel. You 


4165 said...

nod nod

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kxin said...

pat ur head means u 值得 sayang lor... not good meh? haha

tickledpinkpig said...

lol good!!!!