Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Masak Masak

Masak masak is a Malay term children use when they play cooking game. I used to love that game and I was always the 'mum' who cooked for everyone. I know. Hard to believe wtf
Who would have thought the grown up version of me hardly cooks now *guilty*

Cooking is such a tedious process. So much trouble for one meal -  kill me. Go give mama a hug if you have home cooked food everyday. You're eating her heart and sweat wtf *i'm jealous*

Anyways, I still enjoy cooking once in awhile. Especially when I have someone to do it with. 
Good things are meant to be shared which include grocery shopping (involves carrying heavy items wtf) and the washing up at the end =P

 and it's even better when I get to indulge my yummy food in front of the TV. It's HK series btw hehehe

Attempted seafood this time. Live marrons!!
The lady told us to put them into the freezer for an hour. It will sort of put them to sleep so they won't feel pain when we kill it. When we took them out of the fridge and wash them under water, omg they started moving wtf We were freaking out and kept saying 'I'm so sorry' 'I'm so sorry' while sticking a knife through their head wtf I was so chicken I hid under the bench top because I didn't want the marrons to see my face wtf If they ever wanted revenge it wasn't me I was only the accomplice wtfwtf
and oh we got salmon too thank god it's already dead and sliced properly 

Our awesome yet guilty meal

I remember saying 'I don't know if I'm able to eat the marrons after witnessing their death'
and I also said 'Mmmmmmmmmmmmm this is soooooooooooo soooooooooo yummy!!!!!' while peeling the meat off the shell and putting it in my mouth wtf
Don't give me that look. If you tasted the marrons I bet you would say the same thing!!


4165 said...

(,")b Good job!

tickledpinkpig said...

thanks =P

Soon Keat said...

Admire your culinary skill

tickledpinkpig said...

Lol don't need to..anyone can cook better than me >.<