Friday, November 11, 2011

I ma so Happeh~


Guess what, a security guy at the casino in Singapore said I LOOK VERY YOUNG and he checked my passport when I was exiting the casino. I repeat! WHEN I WAS EXITING THE CASINO!!! The other security guy already checked when I first enter and this AWESOME security guy seriously thought I was underage wtf and checked my passport again LOL LOL LOL
He made me so happeh~~~bahahahhaaaa

Tip: If you're planning a trip to Macao and thinking to stay at The Venetian, DON'T! The place is full of gamble ghost and people smoking INDOORS. I nearly died!! I reco you go for Four Seasons Hotel! It's nicer, quieter, cleaner and posh-er! and it's just right beside Venetian. Both hotels are connected!

Hong Kong!!
It's my third time there and I am still so in love with the place, putting aside the fact that the air was pretty much toxic wtf We were consider lucky if we saw blue sky!

and I almost kissed Andy Lau LOL

Walau eh this trip I went to so many casinos but I didn't even gamble. Not even once!!! Other than winning a bet I made with bunny that is HAHAHAHA Next time I shall make a point to play at least one game, just for fun! =D

I realise there's something wrong with my blog layout. 
I can't be bothered now I am just too lazy! Nemind it can wait! 
Till next time..gdniteeeeee! xoxo


cheekeong said...

syoknya can go visit casino..
must be earning many lo..

tickledpinkpig said...

It's free to go in casino eh sumo free kopi n tea hahahaha

The Man With An Iron Arms said...

I "ma" so Happeh? Doesn't make any sense to me ....
Should it be I "AM" so Happeh or u should change the "I" to "AH" ma so least that sounds fine to

tickledpinkpig said...

lol very funny buddy! =.=