Monday, August 29, 2011

Jap Jap Jap

Konbanwa! Ogenki desu ka? 

Had massive cravings for Japanese food...
 Beef tataki, wagyu beef and soft shell crab..oh so yummy!

Tried out tepanyaki jap jap jap-anese restaurant! 
Oh so pricey..but oh so worth the experience

Because the chef MADE FIRE!!
and because he was cute too lol lol lol 

The night ended with him writing Thank You on the flat grill up side down (from where he was standing!)
 + my oh so fav green tea ice cream ♥♥ 

Tea shopping and look what I found? 
I am paranoid with the word geisha now wtf no thanks to you know who you are!!!! *squinty eyes*

First photo: How's this for a geisha look wtf

Last photo: Normal face just in case
and yah..i was bored!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mummy dearest...

She made and brought me my favorite snacks..

Grocery shopping became our favorite activity together...

The fridge is no longer just ice cream and alcohol drinks. It is now filled with proper cooking ingredients...

and I have hot delicious home cooked food when I come home from work...

most importantly...I have someone to come home to...

Daddy mummy is leaving soon. One more night. How I wish they could stay a little while longer. 

If I ask really nicely, would you make my wish come true?

 *big wet eyes*Pweety pweese???

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quiet night

Just finished this book. Starting a new book tonight =)
Have a pleasant evening you...

Monday, August 22, 2011

I is Funny

I cut my fringe the other day. Everything was done in less than a minute. 
The second day, I went out looking like the photo on the right. 
Friend: What's the point of cutting your fringe if you are not gonna show them?
Pig: I will let down my fringe when I don't want people to know I'm smart. 
Pig: ??? What so funny?
Friend: HAHAHAHAHA That's the funniest joke I've heard in awhile
Pig: =.= 

I know I'm full of shit sometimes (okay fine ALL THE TIME) but didn't know I was overflowing with em.

For those who didn't get the joke:
High forehead = Smart
Now go figure it out yourself! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chasing the Moon

Bunny: The moon was full a few days ago. You missed it.
Pig: It's okay. The moon is beautiful. Full or no full

Monday, August 15, 2011


and fattening...
The Plan: Try every single dessert on the menu. 
It's a tough mission but someone's got to do it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

FINALLY..time to update! 
Gahhhhhhh been so busy lately...busy + emo + stressed + frustrated = pms wtf!
Now the pig is back to her happy self..everything is beautiful again =D
I feel so bad for my friends because I was cursing sooooo much >.< Sorry guys...some of you had to endure hours of my sinful words LOL
Anyways...I had so much sugar the past weeks its not funny...
Let me show  you what I am talking about...
 I have developed this craving for snickers...I need at least one a day. 
They keep me sane and happy at work...sad but true =.=

Nothing beats having Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast!!!! Flew all the way from Mel! Thanks to Superman LOL

Pancakes! Used to have em in the middle of the night in Adelaide because they opened 24 hours. Too bad Perth doesn't have anything like this. Oh least the pancakes are yummy..

Bubble tea and waffles at 9pm!! Got home and went to bed straight away...
fat die me ahhhhh....

I can never say no to churros even if you point a gun at me...
How can I not gain weight? HOW?
Guilty as charged...

My favorite past time...nice bottle of wine...snacks and DVDs...

Lastly...BR ice cream for dessert. Even better when it is delivered huahaha..thanks Captain! 

So yeah....the next time you see very prepared =.=

Monday, August 1, 2011


I was told to listen to this song because it reminded her of me when she heard it. When I was listening and reading the lyrics, my heart sank. I thought to myself ‘why would a song like this remind you of me?’ In most of our conversations, she would always tell me to love myself more. Is there something wrong with me? Don’t I love myself enough?  

It does hurt to see you move on with someone you referred as only a friend. You promised nothing was going on and never will be. It hurts to know I was right, you lied. But it is okay. I am not sorry for trusting you. I have given what I was supposed to. 

The truth is, I haven’t moved on. I haven't been trying to. Crazily, I wan to stay in this state for as long as it lets me. Somehow, this is what my heart tells me to do. It just feels right. I need to do this for me. I need time for myself. 

Looking back, I realised I rushed into something too soon. Something I wasn't ready for. I have hoped that it would turn out to be something wonderful. I was wrong. Most importantly, I was already broken when it all started. I never knew how to love myself properly, or the people around me for that matter. 

This time round, I will do what I should have done. No more running from the past, no more diverting my attention to someone or something new. I will learn to heal what is broken, no matter how long it takes. I will dig deep to find who I really am or who I could be.  I want to be truly happy, even it is just by myself.  

I am in no rush to fall in love again. When that special moment arrives, I want it to begin for all the right reasons. A quote I really love - 'Never rush into love because even in fairytales the happy ending takes place only on the last page'.

p/s: I never meant to lead anybody on. I have said I only wanted friendship. If you feel that way, I apologize. Now you know how I truly feel. I need a friend more than anything right now. I would be grateful if you would remain my friend. 

p/p/s: I know I have said this many times, but what would I do without you. Thanks for being there for me and making me feel loved when everything is against me. I love you and thank you, all of you.