Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have finally decided to officially admit that swearing is NO GOOD! As you may already know, I swear when I talk (just for the sake of adding that spice to my sentences), I swear when I write (wtf wtf), I swear when I’m happy, I swear when I joke, I swear even more when I’m angry, and surprisingly I shut up when I’m sad. So yes, I am no girly girl wtf

This habit has been with me for *gasp* more than 13 years so I basically grew up cursing everyone who crosses my path. I blame my brothers and friends for it *still in denial =.=* Throughout my life I have had many people asking me to stop but I never saw it as something I really needed to do. It came to a point where friends called me Beethoven which reads 背多分in mandarin. All because they thought I look good from behind, nil points once I turn around and then points go negative when words start coming out of my mouth wtf wtf wtf.

A few months back I decided that it was time to start making changes in my life because I wasn’t happy with how things were. I had all my grand plans, things I want changed and achieved, all in my head. So one day, out of nowhere I had this bright idea, an idea that made bunny ROFL. I told him that from now on I will eat my fries without ketchup, egg without soya sauce and salad without dressing. In plain English, it means I will no longer add flowery words to my sentences, I will stop swearing or I will die trying wtf I was joking about the fries and soya sauce by the way.

Under the new regime, I started replacing wtf with wtt short for What the Tut, F Off with Tut off, arsehole with bum hole, shit with poo, bull crap with cow dung and so on. So when I speak, naturally the sound Tut will be my replacement and I make sure I prolonged it so it sounds exactly like the ones on tv. It annoys the hell out of bunny which makes the whole process so much more fun.

Even though I had the occasional slip ups where I was sent to the naughty corner to reflect, I must say I thought I was doing pretty well. I was so self conscious that I did not need people to remind me anymore *nose up high with big grin* and now nasty words don’t even come to mind even when I’m angry! No credit is to be given to anybody especially bunny because he was still cursing left right centre even though I was trying to stop! I blame everybody who cursed in front of me for my relapse wtf.

To be honest, I don’t see a problem with the occasional curse words here and there thus all the wtfs appearing in my writing again YAY!! Very rarely do i use curse words on people, only in situations where people really push all my wrong buttons and drive me up the wall. I think as long as people don’t get offended by my harmless nonsense then everything is good! Right? If FML is the best expression to use, so be it….I will say it with pride and joy wtf. Actually no, I'm not proud of this but I think I should just be who I choose to be. So yeah, the pig swears, big deal! After all we only live once, so stop being so uptight and relax man!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Time Machine

started blogging when I was in uni. That was when I still had plenty of time to kill. Blogging was so much more fun when friends were still active on the blogsphere. After awhile everyone just stopped and the pig became the last one standing.

Writing was never something I master. I was never good at it. But I guess the need for me to express myself has made me so thick skinned that I'm voluntarily stripping myself butt naked (pun intended) on a public platform showing off my crappy English writing,  killing my already very low self esteem and whatever intelligence people thought I had all at once. I admire my courage sometimes *slowly pulling trigger to end embarrassment*.

My blog has always been my sanctuary, a place for me to take refuge.  It allows me to express myself, say things I can't/don't normally say in person, or reveal this side of me which only people who reads my blog will get to know. It keeps me sane, it keeps me human. 

I was reading my old blog (not this one). I caught myself laughing out loud at my lame jokes (I honestly think I was quite funny LOL)  and crying when I got to sad posts. It's amazing how I can still feel how I felt then, which was many years ago. It felt like it was just yesterday when it all happened, still so fresh and clear in my head. Those words and pictures were my life, my memories. They remind me of who I was at that stage of my life. They helped relive those moments again.Tracing back my footsteps made me realise how far I have come and how much I have grown over the years.

Everything is so different now. I don't have the privilege of spending hours writing a post anymore. After work each day the last thing I want is to face the computer trying to come up with interesting things to say. Gone were the days where I spent most of my free time snapping, arranging and patiently uploading photos and putting them into words. Maybe I'm more focused on living life at the moment, not so much on documenting it anymore. Or maybe I've just gotten lazier.

Blogging has always been just for my own pleasure but I'm glad some of you are interested enough to visit my blog from time to time to see what nonsense I have come up with. It does help keep that blogging momentum of mine going. So thank you for reading.
Till my writing mojo picks up again, I hope you have a good weekend~! =)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Getaway to Bali

The 25 mark has finally come. YAY!! 

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually feeling quite good about it! 
I can feel all the positive energy channeling into me right now LOL just kidding
I think 25 is a good age! and I will try my best to make the most of it! 
Let's see what sort of other troubles I get myself into this year =D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

猫咪 Mao Mi

Friends always find it funny I call my baby dog Mao Mi. They think it's odd because she is obviously a dog. But hey, calling her Mao Mi comes so naturally and she seems to like it too 
If I ever have a cat, his/her name would definitely be Gou Gou 狗狗
Don't worry I'm not messing with their brain. I'm sure they won't know the difference =P

Monday, October 3, 2011


I found love in the garden! =)