Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Man I hate flies

It's summer!!!
 Say hello to HOT WEATHER and FLIESsssssss!

Instead of staying away, aussie flies love humans. They would deliberately fly into your face, nose, ears, mouth, eyes, EVERYWHERE! They are either stupid or they need glasses if you ask me -___-
I know what I want for Christmas - A fly zapper!
*Zap Zap Zap* Die you little shits!!!!! DIE!!!!
I can't wait to go home where flies are more intelligent wtf


kxin said...

bila balik makan char koay teow? haha

tickledpinkpig said...

Next week!!!!!!! I wan char kOay teow n cheong k!! Kia Kia Kia !!!!

kxin said...

kia~ cheong k and char koay teow when im back =D

the hermit said...

hahaha, malaysia's flies are more intelligent ! good statement !

tickledpinkpig said...