Monday, September 5, 2011

All Time Fav Movie. Brunch. Supper?

This movie has officially become my favorite movie EVER!
It is not just a comedy or having special relationship with a friend. To me, it's about something deeper. I'm soooo in love with the Mila Kunis character. She is funny, sexy and she believes in fairy tales and happy ever cool is that??? 
The movie is really special to me for a number of special reasons. Before you get any sick ideas, I do not agree with the whole friend with 'benefit' thingy okay! Just for the record!
But seriously, watch it! It is funny as hell  plus you get to see JT's naked butt O.O Sorry if they censored in Malaysia =P

Woke up for brunch on a Saturday morning after a really late Friday night...
All the colorful macaroons to choose from. I picked lavender and lemon and lime for the bunny. 

 The menu itself was enough to make me excited!!
As per the wise Yoda, 'You order with your eyes and not your brain or tummy.' 
As soon as I saw they had savory and sweet crepes, I decided I had to try both! Didn't care if they were super huge. Didn't care if I could finish em off. I just assumed bunny would help me out hohoho
I was a happy and sleepy pig at the end of the brunch *yawwwnn*

Blurry face and puffy eyes for brunch >.<

Tequila and card games night. Loser drink!
I only had one drink the whole night. 
Who's the champion? ME!!
This proves the high forehead is not just for show.


4165 said...

high forehead = face long long?

tickledpinkpig said...

no. you must be really bad at math in school! tsk tsk tsk

4165 said...

u must be bad in everything during school, any related with face long long with math? (o>.<o)

Soon Keat said...

Are you working in Aussie now? The foods are just tantalizing... the colors caught my attention... @_@

tickledpinkpig said...

yes i am! they are arent they! come taste them for yourself!! =P