Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am Back!

It feels great to be home again. I feel safe, feel relaxed, feel excited! Ahh the mixed emotions...

The only thing I hate about coming back is - I hate flying. 7 hours of sitting is not funny. At the end of the journey my butt was soar and numbed. I was trapped in that small space for hours and hours...oh my poor long legs...HAHAHA wtf

I spent most of my time on board sleeping, reading and watching movies. Ah you know what was so amazing? I was reading The Time Traveller's Wife before watching movies on the in-flight entertainment. While looking through what was good I came across The Time Traveller's Wife the movie and then it was showing the part where I just read about! What a coincidence right?
Then again, I feel it was nicer reading the book so I just skipped the movie and watched Ice Age III and The Ugly Truth instead. Both movies were so funny I actually laughed out loud until the guai lou beside looked at me wtf. So embarassing. >.<

The only thing I look forward to while flying is meal time...hehe

They served two meals on board...one was lunch and one was snack. The air steward had to wake me up twice for the two meals LOL...yes la i eat then sleep then eat again then sleep again I am a pig I know that thank you very much...

Now here is the cheese + cracker thingy i was talking about...

I am so lucky everytime i fly I always get seated beside windows without requesting...=p

I couldn't be more excited when I landed in Penang air port. I told my parents Gen would pick me up and they didn't have to come. But while waiting for my luggage i got a call from daddy saying he and mum are waiting at the arrival hall! Sooo surprised okay!!Daddy helped me with my luggage and insisted me and Gen went ahead with our plan which was to have dinner together while he and mom went home.  I have the best parents ever! I am loved!!!!!!! =p don't jealous okay wtf wtf

After that it was Hello Koay Teow Basah!!
First drink after touched down was ice Milo. Sedapnya!!! We have the best ice milo ever. Yumm...

and my all time favourite! Koay Teow Basah!!

I had two plates in a roll and it was sooooo satisfying!!
What a great start eh!

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