Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One more day to go...

and I will be back to Penang...Woohoo!!

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't started packing. I mean packing is easy right? I do it last minute all the time. Lucky me I always managed to pack everything I wanted without leaving anything behind.
Mmm...wait a minute....Pui!! Pui!! Pui!! I better not say that later I die die forget to pack something important wtf. It's jinx you know >.<

Gahh I got this from Tiffany. It's my belated birthday present <3

She is so thoughtful she remembered me saying I don't have purple eye shadow while we went shopping so she got me this palette. Love it a lot. I tried it on yesterday but I forgot to snap a picture of it (my make up skill sucks anyway so nevermind).

I have no idea how long I am gonna be away for. Haven't really decided the date to come back. I am surely gonna miss my princess.
Got her some snacks and bones while I am away.

Oh i haven't told you about MM's new makeover yah? Here goes.
This is a picture of MM when the weather was still nice and cool. She is biting on a denta bone can you see?

Hehe she is so cute! (She is growling now cause she saw her own photo on the computer screen lol)

and now that the weather has turned to super hot and humid.
MM looks like this now!

I had to cut her fur super short near botak to keep her cool. Don't want her to get too hot in the summer. She looks like a boy now with her low barking voice. =)

Talking about the weather, it is going to be 41celsius on Wednesday. HOLY COW want hot die people meh!! Lucky I am leaving on Wednesday!! HOHOHOHO!!!!

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