Friday, November 13, 2009

My Love for Crackers!!

I can't remember how I came up with this idea of eating crackers. I don't even know if other people do it too. Anyhow, if you do not know already here goes my not so healthy way of eating cracker.

First of all you have to have this Hup Seng brand cream crackers. I love this brand the crackers taste so nice even just by eating it alone (thank god they have it in Australia). It is kinda tasteless if you eat only 1 piece. You have to eat 2 or 3 crackers straight to taste the yummy-ness. Serious. I bet most people from Malaysia know this already its no secret >.<

The second thing you need is condensed milk. LOL I know what is it with me and condensed milk. It was in my previous blog that I eat strawberries with condensed milk too. You have to trust me it taste absolutely delish! must try!

Then just spread it all over your cracker like peanut butter on bread.

Then you are basically ready to munch. It is so convenient and it taste very yum. Don't put too much if you don't like super sweet. For me I love it just a thin layer on top. Gah my mouth drooling already*slurp* This is a super fast way to cure an itchy mouth and its super cheap too!

Another way of having the Hup Seng cracker is to eat it with Milo. Typical Malaysian style. My favourite way to eat is to make a cup of hot Milo and throw in the broken up pieces of crackers. Stop and wait say for one minute. The cracker will then turn all soft and tissue-in-water-like that just means its good to eat. hehehehe I know it sounds disgusting but I love it that way. =)

Now the western style of eating crackers is no secret recipe. It is basically eating crackers with dips just like how you see it in guai lou's movies.

I saw it on a show yesterday and it started my craving for crackers with dips so i ended going to coles at 1.30am. Lucky coles is practically just outside my house I am kidding that is not true but still I have to cure my craving if not I would not be able to sleep!!

So i selected these two crackers for no particular reason they just looked healthy and cheap. Cheap probably weighs more when I was deciding I know I am calculative that is what accounting students do. We count! LOL okay shut up

I selected my dips that had the Guacamole dip. You have to try this its very nice!

The last part is just grabbing your cracker, dip it into the dips and eat. How easy is that. I think the guai lous make their own dips when they have parties or something. I still remember my ex housemate from America made this really nice Guacamole dip and we had it with Nachos it was awesome.

Another way I learned from the Aussies is they love to eat crackers with cheese. They cut a small cube of cheese and eat it with the cracker. Photo stolen from the net >.< The first time I tried this I didn't really like it but now I've got the hang of it and it taste quite nice actually.

Now you go try!

3 comments: said...

dun eat too much crackers as they do contain preservatives.

tickledpinkpig said...

oh really? thanks for the tip. Will try to cut down from now on =)

Anonymous said...

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