Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night!!

How was your Halloween celebration??!!!? Was it good???!!! Did you go with a costume??!!!!

Gahhh...Mine was good i think. It actually turned out to be no different than any other clubbing nights.  I didn't go with a costume because of  lack of varieties for selection. Plus its hard to get a nice costume without showing too much skin. I don't have the assets to show off laaaa wtf

Nana suggested we go without make up and that would be our costume. And scare the hell out of people with our natural face HAHAHA

Went to Red Square on Halloween. The club had shit loads of people. We waited in line for more than an hour before getting into the club. That part of the night sucked. What did we do in such situation?
We entertained ourselves. =)

by doing stupid expressions liddat!

and liddat!

and laughed with my mouth wide open and get it caught on camera wtf Sumo half face -.- I shouldn't have said anything liddat people wont recognise it was me. I am very girly 100% won't laugh like that. Who was that??!!!

Snap photos for loving couple. Next time have to charge both of you LOL

and a photo for the virgin boy. It was his first time clubbing! We were all so excited of stripping his virginity off him LOL

a photo of the party queen who got tipsy even before entering...

and a photo of Yohei asking Yuhei (I  know they have similar names but they are not brothers. I checked) if any vege got stuck in his teeth. Yuhei showing a tumbs up indicating 'Yea you are good to go'! hahaha no la actually that was not it...they were just talking and Yohei happned to have that expression LOL

and of course a photo of us three...

All these photos were taken OUTSIDE of the club. Took a few inside but they were all too ugly to be shown. I seriously need to work on my angle...need to see which angle looks best wtf I always take ugly photos oh god please help me...haiz...i am not photogenic at all...

Halloween in Adelaide was okay if not good. Not everyone dressed up but still a good portion of people did. No picture of those who did dress up cause I was too thin skin to take photos plus was scared I might get punch in the nose as if my nose not big enough -.-
Got home late and hug my baby the first thing I opened the door. Love it when she always greets me in excitement.

Look at her cute face!! Awwww...This photo tells you that its time for bed. *Yawwwnnnnnnn*

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