Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shopping Spree!

Adelaide is turning hot! First time ever I am excited with having hot weather. Do you know what this means????

It shouts SHORTS, SINGLETS and SANDALS!!!!WOOHOO!!! I have been dying to wear my gladiator sandals that i bought few months ago. Finally heres my chance! love for hot weather only lasted one afternoon. I am back to 'Oh I hate hot
weather' mode. Hot weather makes me grumpy. Urghhh...

Back to the post. I met up with Tiffany on Thursday. I was in such a good mood that I curled my hair before tying a high pony tail. But no photos of it Boohoo.

Yum Cha for lunch at Star House. Omg the chicken feet was soooooo yummy. If I was with Henry I would have ordered a few more serve! But I was too pai seh. Was afraid i might scare her with my crazy eating habit wtf. Like no kidding, there was these few times me and Henry had yum cha in Citizen restaurant. I insisted we order 3 serves of steamed pork and 3 serves of chicken feet plus other stuff wtf. I can't help it I am just crazy with food that i like.

and you know what...I am getting more vain >.<. I play with my camera whenever I have the chance.
Took this photo while waiting for Tiff while she was trying on her outfit.

Further showing off my vain-ness by taking photos of myself in the changing room wtf.

Harrased my friend with my vain-ness by taking pictures of her in the changing room LOL

Finally Tiff realised she couldn't fight my evil vain side and decided to play along. Here is Tiff posing for the camera hahaha She has joined 'the dark side'

I was hunting for hydrating mask and I ended up going for Jurlique's Intense Recovery Mask. I need to seriously pamper my skin. My face is so 'chan' now and its not even funny. The girl in Jurlique was so helpful and friendly. She sat me down and talked to me about my skin and the products which suit me best. All i wanted was mask but i ended up getting other products too wtf I am so easy to pursuade -.-

Lookie here! My trophies for walking all day! Not bad huh!

Now that all that is done. I ma eat bread with tap water for the rest of the month till i get back to Malaysia -.-


ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

heiz girl i like Jurlique....=D

tickledpinkpig said...

Yea i think the products are quite good. Love it!