Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beware of Bored Girls...

From what I can observe, I think it is safe to say that majority of Girls Go Shopping When They Are Bored!

The formula is easy.

Bored + Girls = Shopping + Blindly

After completion of the exam, and it suck big balls if i might just add, I feel like I have lost the reason for living wtf. Suddenly I have so much free time but I have nothing to do and I don't want to be doing nothing!!! Mm actually I have stuff to do but I just don't feel like doing serious stuff after the awful exam you un me??!!

So what happened was me going out shopping and then feeling guilty for spending afterwards. Why do I always do this to myself??!! It's like a drug so addictive yet expensive at the same time. Gosh I think people should be more aware of this issue and set up a Quit hotline and rehab services for Shopaholics wtf.

To make things worse, there are Christmas sales EVERYWHERE! SALES SALES SALES!!! How can i resist?? Its like the other day when i went shopping, the word 50-70% OFF excites me already even before entering into the shop! Its like a cursed thing you know. Usually when you see signs like this they make you feel all high and excited and suddenly your brain stops functioning rationally.

Lucky me the things inside the shop were mostly hideous. In circumstances like this I couldn't help but to thank god there were no cheap + pretty bargains. LOL Well actually I did get one Alladin pants and skirt from the store. HAHAHA Die die also wanna get cause 70% off wtf

I super love this nail polish. It was on sale too.

Super like the color. Pink Pink with shimmers! Love!

Okay la no more photos of my purchase. Henry was just saying why girls like to showoff the stuff they bought by showing pictures on the net. I defended by saying 'NOOO Its cause girls like to share okay???!!!!' HAHAHA To be honest I don't know why myself. It's like when I see people posting their purchases online some obviously gave me the impression of showing off but some were just happy to share their best buys. This is what girls do okay!!! Its like if i know there is a sale somewhere I will broadcast it to all my girlfriends wtf

Since no photos of my happy purchases...I shall post photos of me and my precious MM!!! =P

Finally one looking at the camera. She totally looks like a white teddy bear!!!! Awwwwww + my hand cacat-ed!

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