Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Work Lunchie

Posts from now on will be short and straight to the point. No more bullcrap from me. Saves you time to read too! How considerate XD

Work lunch started off with a platter to share...
and Salmon with mash for main course which was really tasty especially the potato...!

Was behaving myself during lunch because I didn't want to seem stupid to the bosses for playing too much with my camera =P So not many photos were taken. However, was able to get one...Me and Anne =) Hoho first time seeing me in proper working attire eh! Look so ah sam fml.

Anyway...lunch was good! I ended up feeling sleepy at work after because of the alcohol and all the food i stuffed in my belly ZzZZzz


rongping.lo said...

Anyway, not a pimple from this pic as well..

tickledpinkpig said...

Its called photoshop magic! LOL