Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10.10.10

Life is no movie
I had friends wishing me happy 10.10.10 today. My first reaction was, what is there to celebrate?

A friend then answered ‘Becuse today is special.’

So I thought for awhile and realised today is indeed a special day.

After midnight, we will never see another 10.10.10 again.

It reminds me of the regrets that we all have. I'm sure all of us have something that we wish we did or didn't do in the past. We don't always get second chances in real life.

Life is cruel like this I guess.

Reminds me of my favorite quote about life:
Life sucks.
Shit happens.
Life goes on.

How cool would it be if we had a replay and rewind button for everything.

On a happier note, though we will never have another 10.10.10 again, who knows maybe the coming  11.11.11, 12.12.12........would be more interesting and better than what we had today.

Life is interesting and full of surprises like this too. =)


4165 said...

10.10.10 nth special la..when year 2110 also can 101010 said is special... most special days are..ur actual birth day...certified day..marry day.. and bla bla.. >.<
btw..remember ur exam date...

tickledpinkpig said...

LOL if you can live long enough to see another 101010!!
grrrr..u nvr failed to remind me bout my exam! =.=

4165 said...

Good luck to u and get better preparation... love u...

kxin said...

everyday can be special... time never waits... live it to the fullness with no regret! =)

tickledpinkpig said...

4165: haha rushing through now..!

kxin: agreed! =D