Friday, March 11, 2011

Sad Blog

A second ago, I was so reluctant to click on my blog because I knew nothing new was on here...Can't help but to feel my blog is sooooooo SAD...................The urge to blog is not as strong anymore. Whenever I have free time on my hands now, all I want to do is nothing...absolutely nothing. If given a choice to go out on a Friday night - grab a nice dinner, go for a movie or whatever plans, guess what...I would rather bum at home. So here I am, home on a Friday night. Did I hear you say 'Loser'? Fine...I totally deserved that. The truth is I am just too tired to do anything or go anywhere after work. I really have no idea how some people can party all night on a working day, where do they get all the energy from? I am seriously considering of buying some chicken essence! Maybe that will help me gain some energy and not feel tired all the time? I might run to the Chinese groceries to get some on the weekend =P
Here is a vain photo of me...haven't camwhored for sooooooo long WHAT HAVE I BECOME?
Note to self - Camwhore more to feel younger! =D Ciao!!

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