Friday, June 10, 2011

Something magical

When Princess was a pup, she used to like storming out of the house whenever she had the chance. I chased like a mad woman while she ran around happily. So, every time I open the door, I would block the bottom part of the opening with my leg so she couldn't run out. Also, leash is a must whenever I plan to take her outside.

Today I took her out for her usual daily walk. I left the leash in the car so I thought it would be fine to let her walk out the house while I get the leash. She slowly walked towards the park and stopped to look at me when I called out to her. A second later, she turned her head and started running. At that moment, I thought to myself  'Why oh why did I think it was a good idea to let her out without her leash? How long would it take this time to get her home??!!!!?'

I tried calling out to her while she did her normal routine - sniff sniff pee pee - but she ignored me. After a few more sniffing, I called out to her again. This time, she RAN TOWARDS ME AND LET ME TOUCH HER!! She was in my hands and I could have put the leash back on her!!! BUT. I. DIDN'T. I thought it is time I trust her and let her run free. I walked by myself while she ran a little bit more around the park. I then slowly made my way home. Guess what? She FOLLOWED ME, RAN HOME AND WAITED AT THE DOOR!!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes! It was seriously a special moment!!! She did all these naturally on her own!!! I am soo sooooo sooooo SOOOOOOOOOO proud of her!!!

This reminded  me of the saying 'love and care and expect nothing in return. The person/dog in this case who receive them will learn to love you back in their own ways eventually'. Okay fine I made this up but hey, it  makes perfect sense right?? =P

Also, thank you guys for caring when you saw the emo facebook comment. Life is not always perfect, but I do think it is the appreciation of these little things/gestures that make everything wonderful again. =) xoxo


B2 said...

Awwww.....MM so adorable!~! sayang sayang :)

tickledpinkpig said...

LOL of coz!!!