Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stinky to Ugly

I'M BACK!!! 

Princess was pretty stinky when saw her at the kennel...gave her a cut and a bath straight away when we got home...

And this here is Princess with her new hair cut.

She had a lot of huge knots on her body so I had to shave heaps of her fur off. She looks like a dog with skin problems now wtf HAHAHA

As a proud calculative stingy Asian, I refuse to pay $50 every two weeks to have her trimmed! Her fur grows freaking fast and that is a lota money for a poor girl like me!!!

I've been trimming her since the day I got her, so I've trimmed her for 3 years now. I've always been very proud of my masterpiece even though friends give me crap all the time for doing a shitty job.  

Kitty: OMG she's fooking ugly!!!

Pig: No she's adorable!

Kitty: One would think you would have improved after so many years of  practice but she's still ugly as ever! 

Pig: Who says there's no improvement! I don't spend as much time as I used to trimming her now. The only problem is the lesser time I spend on her the patchier she gets that's all. I have improved and you're looking at the evidence. 

Kitty: =.= 

I know I'm full of crap wtf

I still love my Princess ya know. 

She's not pretty, she's cute! =D 

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kxin said...

Princess says : " 我还以为妈妈不要我了...这样久才带我回家...!"