Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 2 of Malacca trip!

I love food lovers, don't you? I'm not picky towards what I put in my mouth as long as it's edible.It is hard to find people who love food as much as you do. I guess being a Penangite this is a must have trait – which is to eat, eat and eat!

Second day in Malacca started off with Chicken rice balls. It’s actually no different than any other chicken rice but it was worth the try.

After that we went for Beef noodle. This one is highly recommended. I love their soup and how the texture of their koay teow tasted. It was something different.

However, no no for the beef balls. It was not that good.

Geng right for girls to eat that much for breakfast! LoL

After that it was time to visit places.

Paid RM1 for us to take photos on the 'Beca'. The trishaws there are decorated with colorful flowers and has loud music. So when you hear loud music from far you'll know they are coming wtf

Visited this big ship which was a replica of the ships which came to Malacca for trade during the Parameswara era.

After that we went on the Menara Taming Sari.

We could see the whole Malacca city from above. Saw the ship that we just visited.

Saw the Eye On Malaysia too!

Next was the Military museum.

This was the military ship.

Inside the ship. Gen look so sweet.

and look at me -.-

Okay you better not make me upset or else i am gonna shoot you with this >.<

After that was A Famosa.

and we did a little bit of hiking up the hill. Almost broke my precious legs wtf

After all that, it was food time once again. We went for satay.

And then visited a hotel that had Baba and Nyonya like decorations.

After one hot day, it was time to cool ourselves.

I had the pearl Guai Leng Gou. I am so pleased with this photo. Looked so yummy right?

After a short break at home, off we went again for dinner. We went to this famous place which name I don't know no surprise there =p

We had chicken wings. It tasted sooooo awesome can?

Ikan bakar which was soooooooooo spicy -.-

calimari which was yum too

and baked prawns.

Wait this is not the end of day 2 yet. Still a little bit more to go but will stop  here for now.

To be continued......=)

p/s: guys my blog should look like this. But if  it looks different, please let me know. Thanks =)


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