Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas~!!!

Guess I have to apologize upfront because this post will not have any happy photos of me celebrating my Xmas but the opposite. In fact you won't even see me inside the photos wtf
So, I was sick two days before Christmas. I was down with a fever and flu. Talking about good timing. What's the best time to be sick right? Congratulations to me!
Went to the doctor with a name not belonging to me. Why? Take MC for someone else lor that's why. When I went in, the doctor was warning me about H1N1 and dengue fever fml. Sumo told me to watch out for bleeding rashes which is a symptom for dengue fever which could be fatal FML x 2 la!!!!!!

Lucky for me I feel so much better now. Confirm not H1N1 or dengue okay doctor!!!!!!!wtf

Whilst in the clinic, saw this name on the monitor. Not trying to be rude but you have to admit, this is one funny name, makes me hungry just by thinking of it.

Before I was even sick, friends have been asking where to go where to celebrate. But thanks to my lazy nature, i was too lazy to go out and get stuck in the traffic. So I came up with a loser plan - stay home on X'mas Eve and have a DVD marathon. Plus, I was sick. So the plan was a 'Go Go'!

Lucky I had one more loser to tag along. Armed with shit loads of DVDs, we were good to go!

and that was how i spent my Christmas Eve!!!
I wish i could make it sound more exciting but nuh...that was about it! Hope your celebration was much better than mine. =) Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

P/s: Got this SMS from some number.

Translation: If you can stand watching my Private Hot video collections, please reply Yes. Warning! This is just for 18 and above!
Whatsup with this?????!!!!!!!!!

P/P/s: Let me know if my background is still white. Thanks!


ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

hei girl..take care yea..!!
n 1 more thing to tell u...d background stil in white color lerz...-.-"

tickledpinkpig said...

LOL...i give up!!!! I don't know how to do dis thing lerrrrr!!!! HELP!!!!!!

rongping.lo said...

I am hungry seeing that name as well....
Same here, white color, lol

ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

If layoout,den font n color,d background u change d color stil d same ar...?

tickledpinkpig said...

err..i dunno o...i jz copy the damn thing n put in in the layout thing lo..haizzzz