Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Road Trip - Albany

Photos of awesome sceneries at Albany!!!!

See it while its STILL HOT!

OHHHH...and guess what! I brought princess along! teehee =D

Had to leave her outside the restaurant while we were having lunch. She had nothing better to do so she dug a whole in the ground and stuffed her face in it!
See her new moustache!???=.=
Seafood seafood seafood!!!!!!!

More awesome viewss!!!!

Oh did i mention the drive down to Albany was 5 hours long!!!
I know you won't be surprised, I practically slept the whole journey. The only time i was awake was when I needed to go toilet and eat LOL

and yea, guess I would have to add I felt like sleeping even when I was waiting for the food to arrive wtf

and I love hugging my fluffy pillow! >.<

The high light of the trip will have to be this little one!!
This here is a marron that escaped from who knows where and I managed to snap a photo of it before it was taken away =( poor little guy he thought he was saved but......=((((

Anyway, this is the cooked one! And and and I know for sure the little guy up there didn't end up on our plate because it's still a baby too small to cook! hehehe *trying to convince self to feel less guilty*

this is like the second best thing after Lai Liu Ha!! Like seriously!!! If i wasn't a faithful fan of Lai Liu Ha...marron meat can easily top that!! It was SERIOUSLY THAT GOOD!!!!!
Nom Nom Nom....

Man..I am drooling already Grrrrr...

I wouldn't mind driving down to Albany again for the marron, and also the honey wine, and also the ice cream, and also the beef ribs, and and and...the viewssssss!! Awwwww......


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