Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ready to Blog, again

zomg time flies, it's been a year since my last post!!

I just watched a movie on tv - Julia and Julie. It's a story about a girl who wanted to be a writer but didn't know where to start, so her husband encouraged her to write a blog but that's in 2002 when blog wasn't that popular, yet. The story wasn't all about blogging. It was about how she found her new passion in cooking and she shared her cooking experiences in her blog. Like how all great movies end, her blog got noticed, she found her passion in life, she became a professional writer and someone made a movie about her journey. Yeap, movie based on true story.

Very awesome eh?

So that reminds me of my own little sad blog that I've neglected. I think I'm gonna start blogging again...I love my little hidden corner where I can just blab whatever I want.

You know, I used to be very out spoken. I loved socializing, loved talking, loved being around people. As I get older, I find myself being more introverted. For instance, these days I rather eat alone in a restaurant during lunch time than ask if anyone wants to join. Once I even bumped into my colleagues who came to the same restaurant and they saw me alone - I know wtf *awkward* They even invited me to join but seriously I couldn't be f socialising I just said 'It's ok I'm about done'.

Soooooooooo...I guess it's good I started blogging again so I can get shits out of's like a conversation with somebody but actually this's a conversation with my imaginary friends. =) I think I like it better if no one reads this so I can write whatever I want, but then it would be stupid to post on a freaking internet right? LOL I don't make sense.

Oh well, I'm done for now. Finished my glass of wine so off to bed.

Until next time....Ciao~


kxin said...

start blogging back? already one month past... sooo when is ur next blog? next year? xD lolzzzzzzzz Lazy Pig!

-BloodyDaggeRz- said...

Half Year lo~ where is your 2nd post on 2013? >.< cannot swim~