Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Think Twice

I gave my manager a lift the other day, it was raining.

I had my usual umbrella with me, a small dark blue one.

So there was this problem, the umbrella I had could not possibly fit two people, so I said I have an extra one in the car, a pink one. I asked my manager if he wanted it.

Of course he had to say yes because where I parked my car and the office was quite a distance.

I could have offered him my blue umbrella, but well, I didn’t.

Instead, I was laughing happily and taking photos of him (because it was seriously freaking funny).

My manager looked at me with his wtf look, and said ‘Remember, you are still on probation. Your next performance review is coming up!!’ and gave me an evil smile.


Ended up I offered him my umbrella, and used all my will power not to LOL.

Serves me right hey hehehe

Manager said I am dead meat if the photos show up on Facebook.

Oh well, he forgot to mention blog.

And you would think I have learnt my lesson.


The umbrella looked like this.
 Pink with black polka dots and pink laces. Got it from Taiwan sumo. Cute huh!!!! XD



ŧ(˘,˘)ŧ said...

Wow...its really cute er d umbrella....^^

4165 said...

what is ur boss email address ? =.=+
btw ur facebook got link the blogpage.. haha [^(00)^]

tickledpinkpig said...

Shereen: hehehe thanksss!!

tickledpinkpig said...

4165: lol as if im gonna tell u..!! SHHHHHH...want me get into trouble issit? ahhaa